Michael Vick Nickname Not "Ookie Dokie" With NFL

"Ookie" not OK!
CNBC.com photo composite
"Ookie" not OK!

Some time between yesterday and today, the NFL banned the word "Ookie" and the word "Dog" from the back of jerseys in light of Michael Vick's indictment related to dogfighting. Yesterday, I was able to get those words, as well as many others, through the first step of personalization on NFLShop.com.Today, the site rejects anyone who hopes the league will put Vick's nickname "Ookie" on the back of his number 7 jersey or any other team jersey for that matter.

When words that include "Ookie" or "Dog" are typed into the personalization database, a note pops up that says "Your current entry cannot be processed. Language deemed inappropriate, derogatory or profane will not be accepted. Please create a new entry."

NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy said that, in light of the current events, the words fell into the inappropriate category.

This is the second Vick nickname to be banned from the back of the NFLShop.com's personalization site. In April 2005, didn't allow fans who wanted to get the word "Mexico" on the back of jerseys. Ron Mexico was allegedly Vick's pseudonym, according to a woman who sued him, when he went to get herpes treatment and testing.

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