Is Your Idea Worth Millions?

Meet Our Guests

Think you've got a golden idea that will make you rich? Our guests tonight came up with ideas they say will make millions... and came to Donny looking for answers on how to get their products and ideas on the fast track to big bucks!

Eve Alexander- Jane Ivanov wondered why there wasn't any sexy lingerie made for pregnant women... so she stared a new line with Eve Alexander!

Chilly Jilly - Do you get cold in summer air conditioning but don't want to carry around a bulky sweater? Chilly Jilly might have the answer!

iHearSafe Earbuds- Worried that your kids are ruining their hearing from blasting their music? Here's one possible solution.

Klip-Flops- Can a simple idea like Flip-Flops be made better? Don't think so? Check out Klip-Flops and you might be surprised!

Sendaball - Senda-what? Check out the Big Idea of the Sipolt sisters - Forget packages and send a ball!

Vroom - Coffee and Energy drinks deliver you caffeine, but with Vroom's new line of products, check out how all that energy fuel can be packed into bite-sized mints and chocolates!

Kim Lavine - This Mommy Millionaire has some great ideas and great products! Check it out!

Other Websites Featured on Tonight's Show - Your online Template for a successful business plan File for patents and patent protection online Find information on manufacturing sources Find the right trade show for you! Make your own website for your new business, simple and easy! A great resource for you to post your own press releases... and get noticed!

Advice from our Entrepreneurs

Jane Ivanov: “DO NOT be afraid to pick up the phone….Ask for the person in charge!”

Jill Boehler: “You are going to get knocked down…over and over. You have to get up and believe in your product”

Pamela Krutilek: “Find a mentor… Find someone who has gone through the process… and can help you… get your business off the ground. When I started the business… I could have used someone to help me through all of this.”

Sipolt Sisters: “Just do it. Take baby steps, but get started”

Jason Kensey: “I would tell people that everything takes 5 times longer to do and costs 5 times more than you expected. Make sure you have plenty of capital before you start and don’t listen to people when they tell you it can’t be done.”

Christine Ingemi: “See a patent attorney and evaluate your time realistically”