Destination Millions: NYC--You Have To Watch To Believe


How do you turn your idea into a million dollar business? You surround yourself with successful people, great minds and people with a passion for success. That's EXACTLY what we've done with our Destination Millions series. On the show, we've taken success stories and great ideas already featured on the show, and we invited up-and-coming entrepreneurs to ask questions in order to get their big ideas off the ground. Absolutely everyone on this show is excited about his or her product and ready to get down to business.

In a room full of success stories like Liz Lange,Sarah Siegel-Magness and Jim Koch, it’s hard not to be inspired. Their journey towards mega-millions demonstrates once again that if you have the passion for your idea, success comes naturally. What’s so great is that these people HAVE done it and with their advice, I’m confident that YOU can do it too!

This is easily one of my favorite shows because there is entrepreneurial spirit everywhere. Check out this great new show, "Destination Millions: NYC" both tonight and tomorrow night! It could make you realize that you CAN do it!

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