Destination Millions: NYC

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Tonight's Guests:

Jim Koch (Founder, Sam Adams)

Sara Blakely (Founder, Spanx)

Liz Lange (President, Liz Lange)

Sarah Siegel-Magness (So Low Style)

Amilya Antonetti (Amilya's Mind to Market)

Michele and Melisa Sipolt (Sendaball)

Brad and Jera Deal (Sticks and Stones)

Wendy Silver (Toss & Chop)

Noel Goldman (Straptamers)

Debbee Barker (FlipFold)

Jill Boehler (Chilly Jilly)

Anshuman Vohra (Bulldog Gin)

Christine Ingemi (I Hear Safe Earbuds)

Jill Starishevsky (How's My Nanny)