Betsey Johnson: A Designer Bursting At The Seams

Betsey Johnson
Betsey Johnson

How do you express yourself? For Betsey Johnson,self-expression is most readily found in her wild and over-the-top fashion styles that have made her so famous. But she doesn’t stop there. She’s become known not only for her style, but also for her enthusiasm for her product. At age young age of 65, she’s got more energy than a 25-year-old as she does cartwheels during her runway shows.

She got her start in 1965, winning a “Guest Editor” contest, which got her foot in the door in the New York fashion scene. A year later, she was a top designer at a well-respected boutique and was on her way to fame and fortune.

Today, she keeps herself young by being a trendsetter in fashion–-something she’s done for over 30 years--and you can just she has so much energy she’s bursting from the seams!

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