Amilya Antonetti - A Big Idea Favorite


Amilya is one of our all-time favorite guests here on "The Big Idea." Her story starts when her son would, like clockwork, get extremely sick every Tuesday. When her son David turned one year old, she realized what was causing her weekly emergency room visits: chemicals she used to clean the house.

After searching for non-toxic cleaners, she couldn't find anything that wouldn't have an adverse affect on her son. Nobody made them! Finally, following encouragement from her mother, she took it into her own hands and MADE her own soaps and cleaners!

Her homemade recipe started gaining momentum when other mothers with the same problem approached her. She knew she had a Big Idea. Now, SoapWorks has become a $10 million business, and parents no longer have to worry about their kids being exposed to harmful chemicals! What a great idea!

Today, Amilya has devoted herself to a new Big Idea: Amilya's Mind to Market. She's moved from creating a business to helping others do the same! She's showing people how to reach their dreams and tap into their passions. What more could you ask from a Big Idea alum?

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