The Grocery Game - Teri Gault


Teri Gault is the creator of The Grocery Game -- a fun & easy way to save money on groceries each month. In the early 90s, Teri and her husband were living the good life… but times changed. By the late 90s, Teri's family hit hard financial times and money was tight. Teri says she had just $35 a week for food, was rolling coins for grocery money and had to work three part time jobs. With a limited budget for food, cutting coupons became a necessary means of survival.

In 1999, Teri had her "Ah-Ha" moment and realized that her skills for finding the best deal could be something of value to others. She initially tested the idea with five families, including her sister who didn’t like cutting coupons. The result? They all loved it.

With very little money or experience, Teri got her business off the ground and by the fall of 2000 the word of The Grocery Game was spreading fast. The Grocery Game is now available in 50 states.

Teri says the company had sales of $6 million in 2006 -- but despite the tremendous success, Teri says she still uses coupons and still refuses to pay full price.

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