Welcome to the Fast Money User's Guide - Volume 2

In this second edition of the Fast Money User’s Guide, Dylan and the gang take an in-depth look at China. How are they trading?

With China's explosive growth and the Beijing Olympics about a year away many investors are asking: How to you invest in China? Which ETFs will expose you to China's growth? Are multinationals poised to benefit? Whether you’re an armchair investor or a seasoned Wall Street professional, the Fast Money User’s Guide will help you make sense of even the most mystifying aspects of China's markets.

Fast Money User's Guide Vol. 2 - Trading China
Table Of Contents

> No. 1 - Trading China: The Stocks

> No. 2 - Trading China: The ETFs

> No. 3 - Trading China: The Multinationals

> Gaming The Beijing Olympics

> Trading China: The Risks

> Your Questions Direct From Beijing

> Viva Macau

> The Last Word On Trading China

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