Peugeot to Recall 240,000 307-Model Cars

French car maker Peugeot will recall 240,000 of its 307-model cars in northern Europe in September because of possible problems with the antilock brake and electronic stability systems.

"It's a pre-emptive measure," Peugeot spokeswoman Martine Faucon said Wednesday. According to Faucon, the defect could lead to short circuiting in the antilock brake system and electronic stability program.

Peugeot said 80,000 of the cars to be recalled are in Germany, while France is not affected. It was not clear what other countries would be affected.

Peugeot, a unit of PSA Peugeot Citroen, could not provide a figure for the expected costs of the recall.

A year ago, Peugeot recalled 10,500 French-made 307s in Denmark because of a possible fault in part of the electronic stability program, which automatically adjusts braking for each individual wheel to improve control in dangerous conditions.

That recall followed the discovery of short circuits in two vehicles that could pose a fire risk. Peugeot linked the problem to humid conditions and sprinkling of salt on Danish roads to prevent ice.

In 2005, Peugeot blamed Scandinavian weather and road-salting when it recalled 60,000 307s after nine cars burst into flames.