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Dear Jim: I just returned from a safari holiday in southern Africa. No TV, no Internet, no newspaper, no Mad Money. I left a couple of days after the DOW reached 14,000. Luckily, I sold Apple after earnings and bought Omniture. At what price should I look to begin selling OMTR, and is AAPL safe to return to at its current price? I recorded all the episodes of the show that I missed and am currently enjoying a Mad Money Marathon. I should be current by Friday! --Stewart

Cramer says: “Ominutre at $25. It’s up three from where I recommended it. I still think it’s going to get to $30. It’s a key piece of the puzzle for finding out where you ads are on the internet. I like it. Apple, I am back in, and I think it’s going to be terrific. Don’t forget expectations are pretty low there.”


Boo-yah Cramer: Tomorrow is Speculation Friday! What do you think of Countrywide Financial getting a bid from Bank of America? Angelo Mozilo seemed to stutter when Maria Bartiromo asked if he was considering selling the company after Bank of America bought a $2 billon stake in the company. What do you think the chances are? --A.J.

Cramer says: “Countrywide – play is over. Bank of America – play begins. Bank of America, just so you understand, has a call on Countrywide. If Countrywide goes bad, they’ll buy it on the cheap. If Countrywide goes good, they’ll make a lot of money. My play is Bank of America – nice, nice move by Ken Lewis and the Bank of America people.”

Boo-yah Cramer: Just finished reading Mad Money: Watch TV, Get Rich, and learned a bit of information I have never considered before. You say to check the short float percentage of a popular, hyped stock before buying, with anything beyond 10% being a warning. I want to buy Crocs on a dip but the short float is 27%, so my Spidey Senses are tingling. What do you say, professor? --Amy

Cramer says: “I need you to go listen to the Crocs call. You’ll know why I’m excited about it. You’ll know why I think it’s going higher. Most importantly, that is a company that is on a mission. And very few analysts follow it. It’s still early on Crocs. Don’t give up on Crocs.”

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