The Best of Hidden Millions


Tonight, search high and low…and you might just find your hidden millions! Donny’s guests reveal how they discovered their millions and share the secrets to how you can find yours. Sara Blakely of Spanx discovered her millions in her own closet. Kerry O’Brien of her look enterprises didn’t have to go much further than her dresser drawer. And Jane Ivanov simply looked in the mirror and saw that her big idea was standing right in front of her. Will you be the next person to accept the challenge and go on a mission to find hidden millions?

Now it’s time for a small confession from me (Scott Eason, Senior Producer of The Big Idea). All this talk of hidden millions has me fired up. I know I’m supposed to just produce the show and then go about my business but I just can’t seem to stop asking myself when I’ll make my own million dollar discovery. Are we in the same boat here? I wake up in the middle of the night and wonder if my big idea is hidden somewhere under my bed…or is it in the kitchen…or better yet, in my dog! I remind myself to keep my eyes peeled at all times…otherwise I might just miss my chance! So tune in tonight and you’ll see how our guests did it!

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