Saved by a Big Idea


Tonight, if you’re about to throw in the towel…watch this show first! You’ll meet guests whose ideas were inspired by life’s biggest challenges…such as tough financial times, sudden illness and even the loss of a loved one. Teri Gault, founder of The Grocery Game, says she was living The American Dream...then lost it all. Tonight’s guests will inspire you to keep going…and keep reaching for your dreams.

“That won’t happen to me…that only happens to other people”. Today’s guests probably said this to themselves at some point. I’m personally guilty of that thought. As this show was being taped I stood backstage listening to each of the guests share their incredible stories in front of a studio audience. They each showed so much courage. As the audience left the studio after taping I overheard some of them commenting on the show and how amazed they were by the guests and their inspirational stories. Tune in tonight and see if you agree.

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