Intel Introduces New Quad-Core Processors

Intel on Thursday introduced high-end processors for computer servers to compete with an upcoming new product from Advanced Micro Devices .

Intel , the world's largest chipmaker, said the six new Quad-Core Xeon 7300 series processors can deliver more than twice the performance and more than three times the performance per watt over its previous-generation dual-core products.

AMD is also preparing to launch a new processor, code-named Barcelona, next week. Like Intel's new line, Barcelona features four processing engines on one piece of silicon.

Computers equipped with more than one processor typically are servers or workstations -- machines meant to run business networks or crunch mountains of data. Such machines are also used for intensive applications, including gaming, burning DVDs and downloading movies, often at the same time.

Intel had been losing market share to AMD, but analysts now believe it has stemmed the losses or even gained share because of new products.

Intel said it expected Dell, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Unisys and other manufacturers to announce servers based on the Xeon 7300 series processors.


Pricing of these new quad-core processors ranges from $856 to $2,301 per 1,000, depending on their speed, features and amount ordered, Intel said.