Coors Light Gal, Game of Cornhole And Me


So I'm here in Indianapolis for tonight's NFL Kickoff. But with hours to go until the game, besides my segments I'm doing for CNBC, I have to find something to do with myself.

Having done my tours of stadiums and arenas, I'm always up for a game of bean bag toss. It wasn't until this year that I heard it being called cornhole, which is frankly weird and a little uncomfortable. It's not a recent phenomenon at sporting events, but apparently this cornhole is catching on. According to what I've read in ESPN The Magazine, there's a King of Cornhole championship in Nevada in January, with $13,500 in prize money.

Darren with the Coors Light Silver Bullet Gal
Darren with the Coors Light Silver Bullet Gal

Anyway, I should get fired for the way I've buried the point of my post. I had the pleasure of playing cornhole with a Coors Light Silver Bullet gal.

In 2005, I came in fifth at the World Watermelon Seed Spitting Championship in Luling, Texas, and I competed in the World Championship Cow Chip Throw in Beaver, Oklahoma. But throwing those bags next to Stefanie Calhoun of Texas was certainly up there.

Before I met Stefanie, I had a talk with Carly, who was the coordinator of all the women. She made it very clear to me that the Coors Light Silver Bullet Gals can't really talk to the media.

I did chat with Stefanie, but agreed that none of our conversations would be published. But you can only imagine the topics we covered in our 2 minute and 51 second game of cornhole -- the Colts, the Saints, Vince Young, global warming, whether there should be a fed cut, Warren Buffett and the subprime mortgage crisis to name a few.

Anyway, the game did not go over well. I was hoping that Stefanie would be good, so that I wouldn't have to feel uncomfortable about beating her. You see, when it comes to competitions like this, I can't ever be polite. So I beat her 4-0. Anyway, back to the point of all this. To show you graphic evidence of our match:

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