Why Didn't I think of That?


Here's a show that will make you hit yourself over the head and ask, "why didn't I think of that?" Tonight's guests are making millions from their simple ideas...and so can you! Debbee Barker created a simple laundry folding device called the FlipFold. Debbee's million-dollar idea was inspired by necessity and her prototype was crafted out of cardboard in her own garage. Mike Miller's big idea came about while he was eating pizza with friends. Mike is the mastermind behind the Knork - a simple twist on the common fork. Tune in tonight and get inspired!

What a fun show to produce! Our staff has fun with this topic because it hits a nerve in all of us. We respond to the ideas and products just like you do. We hit ourselves over the head and ask why WE didn't come up with these simple ideas! So dig around the house...look in the back yard...simple ideas to improve life, save time and get organized are all around you...it's just a matter of finding them before someone else.

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