See What People Are Saying On Sept. 11th

Karen mentions a web site in reference to where big money players are investing and what their intentions are. Can this site be posted on fast money web site?

-- Ricky from Oklahoma

The website Karen Finerman recommended in conjunction with trading with the Wall Street Whales is
www.SEC.gov . She also explains what she considers 3 important items. You can read more in Monday's Word On The Street post. The link is below.

-- Lee Brodie

> Dow Closes A Hair Higher


I was visiting the Street.com website this past Sunday and was pleased to find the recap of Friday’s Fast Money TV show on their site. I recommend that you post the same or similar recap on your own web site or at least coordinate with the Street.com so that they can post it everyday. I can’t always watch your hour-long TV show. On those days that I can’t, I would at least like to be able to read the recap.

-- Mickey D.

I wasn't sure if you were joking or not, your e-mail seemed very sincere. So for the record, I post a real-time recap everyday while the show is on the air beginning at 8pm ET. In fact, it seems to me that The Street.com draws some of their information from me.

Personally, I hope you check out "The Rapid Recap" everyday. It's the only official show synopsis on the web and it includes video clips - so you can either read a short summary of what was said or watch the segment in its entirety -- or both!

-- Lee Brodie

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