The Rush for Big Gains

On the football field, running backs deliver yards, Cramer said. In a portfolio, they deliver points.

It’s like he has been saying all week: Each stock in a portfolio plays a different position on the team, so to speak. Stocks that perform like running backs are consistent, long-term growers.

Take a look at Cisco Systems . The share price is up 23% since Cramer recommended it on March 15. CEO John Chambers, normally a humble man, has been touting his company’s strength and proved his confidence was legit when CSCO blew away the numbers in July. Cramer expects even more greatness from the company he called the “backbone of networking.”

Google keeps on delivering despite jeers from the market that its run is done. In fact, the company gets consistently better, Cramer said, adding that Google continues to take share in search and the YouTube audience just keeps growing. Once GOOG breaks through its 52-week high, Cramer said the stock should have the Wall Street equivalent of a 2,000-yard season.

Cramer loves Freeport McMoRan so much his charitable trust owns it. FCX is a play on global growth, which, as he said, “isn’t slowing one bit.” The merger with Phelps Dodge practically gave Freeport a lock on copper, Cramer said, and with gold prices over $700, “FCX is practically printing money.” The stock is up 63% since he recommended it on March 13.

The last running-back stock Cramer recommended tonight was , which is another of his Four Horsemen of Tech stocks along with Google, Apple and Research in Motion . He said Amazon should break out here at $87.30. Also, the free shipping and lack of taxes, not to mention the fact that consumers don’t need to gas up in their cars to shop at Amazon, put this online retailer in the sweet spot for the coming holiday season. AMZN is heavily shorted, Cramer admitted, but “the shorts ... will be proved wrong,” he said.

Jim’s charitable trust owns Freeport McMoRan.

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