Cramer Cracks Down on Critic

A Seattle Post-Intelligencer column last week disparagingly compared Cramer to Seahawks General Manager Tim Ruskell and former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld. Cramer was quick to defense himself on tonight’s show.

Here are writer Art Thiel's exact words:

"Tim Ruskell calls to mind that loud, sweaty CNBC stock-market analyst, Jim Cramer, who flies around his studio making definitive pronouncements on stocks when everyone knows that nothing is definitive about Wall Street."

Thiel would go on to say, "But in terms of audacity, Ruskell is right there with Cramer and Don Rumsfeld in the certitude of his quest."

"I sound like I have conviction because I do, but I also have discipline because I know I will sometimes be wrong," Cramer said. "Discipline prevents your conviction, your certainty, from ruining you. And I think it's the most important part of the game."

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