Game Plan: Dow to 14,500

Cramer is still confident that the Dow Jones Industrial Average will reach his year-end target of 14,548. Eight stocks in particular, he said, should get the index there.

Interest-rate cuts should give a much-needed boost to the financials, which have been “the big anchor holding the Dow back,” Cramer said. Lower rates should also help out the consumer-dependent American Express . American International Group , JPMorgan Chase and AXP could see a jump of 10%. Citigroup could pop $10 on the firing of CEO Chuck Prince alone.

The other four companies all benefit from another monetary decrease, though it seems this one is not as popular as a rate cut. Cramer expects the weak dollar to do wonders for Caterpillar, DuPont, Boeing and Altria.

DuPont makes chemicals that can be bought from other places in the world, but the lagging U.S. currency makes buying from DD more attractive.

Cheap American cigarettes should boost sales at Altria . And the company’s breakup could add 20 points to the stock in the next six months, said Cramer, who likes the yield and the growth characteristics of Altria.

According to Cramer, Boeing could jump $15 when the Dreamliner finally ships. And now that Caterpillar is starting to be recognized as a worldwide machinery company and not one simply levered to housing, Cramer expects a good quarter.

“DuPont, Altria, Boeing and CAT - They will be the four horsemen that take us to Dow 14,500,” Cramer said. “If I were you, I would pull the trigger on all four.”

Jim's charitable trust owns Altria, American International Group, Caterpillar and Citigroup.

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