Have Fun, Find Hidden Millions

Tuesday night on The Big Idea, have a good time and you might just find hidden millions! You’ll learn the tricks to discovering potential million dollar ideas when you least expect them. Could


it be at family game night? On the golf course?

Richard Tait hatched up the idea for Cranium during family game night. Tait says he combined elements from various games to make Cranium. The game is now sold in 30 countries and in 10 languages and according to the company has sold over 22 million individual games, books and toys.

Pete’s Wicked Ale founder Pete Slosberg shows us that you don’t need any experience to get your idea off the ground. Slosberg says he rarely drank in college and didn’t even like beer but began brewing it at home. Slosberg was once an executive with Xerox, Rolm and IBM and had zero experience in the brewing industry. Tonight you’ll find out how much Pete’s Wicked Ale fetched when Slosberg later sold the company.

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