The Big Idea Effect: Just'a Drop, Not Just Another Idea

Luc Jalbert solved a problem that’s been around since the beginning of time.... It’s a problem faced by everyone, every day…. Or if you’re not eating your broccoli, every other day… It’s a problem that’s been with us for all of human history, yet not one solution has ever been discovered. It’s perhaps one of the most intriguing products ever featured in The Big Idea’s popular segment, “There’s Gotta be a Better Way.”



n their July interview, Donny called Luc’s Just’a Dropone of his top-ten favorite Big Idea products. The interview was full of laughs, stitched together with a delicate handling of this delicate subject.

In short, Just’a Drop aims to eliminate those embarrassing odors associated with going “Number 2.”

Luc originally got the idea when, at his mother-in-law’s house, he was faced with a difficult problem: Nature was calling, but with no air fresheners, fans or even matches in the bathroom, he was stuck in a very embarrassing situation.

But even as his embarrassment faded… the memory lingered.

Luc thought “there’s gotta be a better way.” He knew that there had to be a solution for this problem. Since he owned a small air freshener business, he went off to China to evaluate new ingredients for his existing products. During his trip, he was introduced to a plant extract with the power to neutralize unpleasant odors if dropped into the toilet. The extract forms a film across the water in a toilet… and when something goes into that water, its smell cannot escape...


Luc shared his discovery with his friend, Don Goguen. Don loved it, and the two of them knew this had the potential to be a Big Business. But… he knew getting it off the ground wouldn’t be easy. Just a Drop had only done about $2 Million in sales prior to Luc’s appearance on The Big Idea. Perhaps Donny was just the spark that Just’a Drop needed. Luc said so himself. He told us that, “Since being on the show, it’s been a completely different life!”

Can anyone say Big Idea Effect?

Luc says now every time his segment airs, the company is “bombarded” with calls the next day asking where to get the product. Since first airing, they’ve doubled production. And as of right now, they have more than 40,000 units on backorder. To say the least, business is good.

Not only that, but prior to coming on the show, Just’a Drop only had widespread distribution in Canada. Two-and-a-half months later, the company is in discussion with Walgreens, Duane Reade, Harris Teeters, Rite Aid, CVS and Wal-Mart in the U.S., and the company has been approached by investors from California to New York.

According to Just a Drop, before “The Big Idea,” the company made about $2 Million in the three years. Now, the company is projecting sales for the 2008 calendar year above $7 Million, and over $30 Million for 2009.

Think the success stops there? Think again. Prior to the show, in July 2007, Just’a Drop could only be found here and there in the U.S. and Canada… Now foreign investors are clamoring for Just’a Drop, and the company plans to begin selling in thirty-seven new countries next year.


That’s right, THIRTY-SEVEN countries. People will be eliminating odors everywhere from Australia to Colombia and Dubai.

Luc attributes his new-found business connections to The Big Idea… Just like a Brazilian businessman who saw Just a Drop while vacationing in South Carolina. He was watching The Big Idea on a Thursday night. The next Monday, he was in Luc’s office hammering out a deal to be the exclusive distributor of Just’a Drop in Brazil… A deal that could net the company multi-millions per year.

Luc knew from the beginning that Just’a Drop would be his dream product: “Making something that everybody needs and something that everybody wants… I think we’ve accomplished both those things.”

Now that the word is out there and Just’a Drop is finally getting noticed, who knows, in five years this product may be in every bathroom in the world, and taking all the fear and loathing out of the Number Two.

Written By Paul Toscano

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