Isiah Thomas: What Does Liable Taste Like?


Before yesterday, I thought the best part about Dale & Thomas' Popcorn was the popcorn. Today, the best part about that business is that most people don't know that Isiah Thomas is the Thomas in the name.

The privately held company, that claims to be the fastest growing gourmet popcorn company with 13 stores throughout the country, actually relaunched its Web site yesterday.

I'm not sure if it was this limited before, but there's only one small mention of Thomason the entire site. The Dale by the way is Dale Humphrey, a real farmer in Popcorn, Ind., the firm's original name and still one of its brands.

If there wasn't much on Thomas before, I'm wondering why. Companies are always over eager to talk about partners that are sports legends. But with the ruling that the Knicks GM and head coach was liable for sexual harassment, I'm sure the other investors are glad that Thomas' smiling face is nowhere near the company's logo.


Speaking Of Logos...
I've never stopped apologizing for ripping the LPGA's old logo after calling it the new one. The logo after all did look very 80s to me. But this is the real new logo that was unveiled this morning and I have to say that I'm a fan.

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