My Farm Report Names: The List So Far

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This is why CNBC makes money. We ask readers and viewers to come up with branding slogans...for free! I've asked you to help me develop a name for my weekly farm reports, and the response has been fantastic. I've promised ONE on-air credit for the winning idea--my only "payment" for reaping the fruits of your intellectual labor (Get it? Reap? Fruits? Farm report? Man, I'm good.)

Here are some suggested slogans:

From Andrew S: "Farmers Market with Jane Wells", or just "Farmers Market Report"

From Wendy F: "Hay Jane Report"

From Julia B (wanting desperately to win--"my father would be proud"): "See Jane Farm", "Field Agent Jane"

From Linda S: "I Fancy Farming with Jane Wells", or just "Fancy Farming with Jane Wells"

Binh N: "Farm Business with Jane Wells"

From Artie: "Agra Honey"

From Teresa B: "Crops, Critters, Cash", "View from the tractor", "Farm Nation", "Pick, Plow, Profit", "All Mouths (or plates) Lead to the Farm", "The Good Earth", "What's in Your Barn"

From Chad D: "Jane Pickens Report"

From Gary O: "Jane's Green Acres" ("brought to you by Mr. Haney's Ethanol Superstores")

From Gil N: "Jane's Ag Rag"

From William S: "Wells Agronomics", "Tractor Wells", "Cornstalk Jane", "Hay bale Jane", "Hay bale Wells", "Pickup Truck Jane", "Amber Waves Jane" (his favorite)

From my sister, Beth: "The Ag Hag" (gee, thanks, Beth)

Keep 'em comin! Even though there's a quick poll here, Email me with your votes on favorites so far. One warning: WE may chose one slogan, and management may decide to go with another. You know how that goes. But this is why I love the blog. It appears to be management free. Shhhhhh. Don't tell.

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