Breaking Down the Rocket

Roger Clemens
Roger Clemens

I've already debated here whether Roger Clemens was worth it for the Yankees, but now that we know his season is over, as is the Yankees' for that matter, we can give you the final tally on the Rocket's financials.

Clemens joined the Yankees on May 7 of this year, but the clock started ticking on June 9 when he got called up. Since the Yankees season is based on 182 days, that means Clemens salary of $28,000,022 was prorated to 115 days. Based on this, Clemens received a total of $17,690,413 for the season.

Using that number, here's the breakdown:

Per Pitch: $10,748
Per Inning: $175,152
Per Start: $982,801
Per Win: $2,948,402

That's how much Clemens made, but it won't be how much the Yankees paid out. You have to throw 40 percent on top of that since the Yankees pay a luxury tax. So Clemens cost the Yankees a total of $24,766,578. Using that, here's what Clemens cost the Yankees:

Per Pitch: $15,047
Per Inning: $245,213
Per Start: $1,375,921
Per Win: $4,127,763

It's worth noting that the Cleveland Indians, who beat the Yankees in three out of four games, field their best starting team for $28,114,527.

C.C Sabathia$8,750,000
Grady Sizemore$916,667
Asdrubal Cabrera$114,760*
Travis Hafner$4,000,000
Victor Martinez$3,200,000
Ryan Garko$383,100
Jhonny Peralta$1,000,000
Kenny Lofton$6,000,000
Casey Blake$3,750,000

*Salary not available, assuming prorated minimum

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