Scott Boras: "Yes," We Had Another Conversation

Yes Network
Yes Network

Today, I had an additional conversation with Scott Boras on his claim that Alex Rodriguez is behind much of the YES Network's increased ratings over the years.

While it is true that more cable carriers, including Cablevision , picked up on YES after A-Rod joined the team in 2004, Boras says that carriage became more essential because of his client's presence on the team. (Some might say it was the fact that the carriers obliged to put YES on the expanded basic tier.)

Boras also said that A-Rod is worth $30 million a year just by considering what he considers to be his effect on attendance in the new stadium in 2009. Boras said he's assuming the Yankees revenue in the new stadium will increase by about 45 percent.

And while we've all been focusing on A-Rod's deadline of 10 days after the World Series to opt out, Boras said the decision will be made way before that.

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