See What People Are Saying On Oct 12th

Watching Fast Money is like drinking from a fire hose!

-- Dave D.


That's an interesting analogy. I'm thinking it's also about how thirsty you are too!

-- Lee Brodie


We are an international cotton merchant. We heard that Dennis Gartman made reference to cotton in the last few days on CNBC, can you give us the actual text of what he said referring to cotton please?

Hope you can help

- Martin R.


We don't actually transcribe interviews on The Rapid Recap -- instead we "recap" or summarize what was said.

However, if you need to know what was said word for word I always suggest watching the video. It's free and available on demand!

Martin, below is the link to the post and video of Dennis Gartman's most recent appearance on the show. Hope this helps!

-- Lee Brodie

> Reading The Fed (an interview with Dennis Gartman)

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