How Much Do You Want It?


Friday night on The Big Idea... how far are you willing to go for your dream? What sacrifices would you make? Tonight you’ll meet people who went all the way… and now they’re making millions!

Cesar Millan, AKA “Dog Whisperer” tells Donny his inspiring story of chasing the American dream. It wasn’t an easy task but now with a booming business and hit television series under his belt, Cesar is certainly a story of success.

Also tonight, meet Shoshanna Lonstein-Gruss. Growing up, Shoshanna had trouble finding clothing that fit her body so she and her mother would make alterations to her clothes. As an adult, Shoshanna finally stood up and shouted “there’s gotta be a better way” and began making designs of her own. Shoshanna is now President and Head Designer of the Shoshanna Collection. According to the company, the Shoshanna Collection had $12 million in sales last year.

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