Analyst's Off-Beat Delivery Strikes A Chord

Joel Sendek doesn’t put his bread and butter to song on a daily basis – but he does try to do it as often as he can.

Sendek isn’t a songwriter, though, or even a musician — he’s a biotechnology analyst — one whose work has been recognized by Wall Street. But what his clients recognize is the way he delivers his picks. He sings them. He’s been tagged the “Weird Al of Wall Street.”

“I’m a bit of an oddball personality, I guess,” Sendek says.

Imagine an analyst leaving this stock-pick message on your voicemail:

"I can’t get no Tysabri-faction,
I can’t get no Tysabri-faction.

When I’m driving in my car
And that rep comes on the radio
And he’s tellin’ me more and more
About some useless documentation

Supposed to protect me from litigation

I can’t get no Tysabri-faction,
I can’t get no touch reaction."

Though the pitch isn't always quite right, Sendek has his fan base.

"His calls are very clear and though he likes to go off into a ditty or a song, I wouldn't call him the greatest singer in the world,” says Adam Koppel of Bain Capital Brookside Fund. “But he definitely gets his point across, and it's entertaining and enjoyable to listen to."

And Sendek's boss at Lazard Capital Markets says he supports the "off-beat" delivery.

“If it was just about the parodies or it was just about the voicemails it would be fun, but people would get tired of it pretty quickly,” says Paul Noglows, Lazard’s managing director. “What he's done is found a creative way to bring across information.”

Sendek has been putting his picks to music for so long he now has a stack full of CDs.

“I'm not doing it necessarily to standout,” Sendek says. “I do it because it's fun or me. It's a fun way for me to enjoy my job and it makes me more effective at my job, I think. And there's nothing wrong with having a laugh or injecting a little sense of humor in your everyday job.”

So, is this Billy Joel of med-tech gunning for a spot on American Idol?

“They wouldn't want me on American Idol, unless it's American Idol for stock analysts,” Sendek says.

So, until Hollywood comes calling, it's back to the harvest, where financial ballads are born.