Google Analyst Day Meeting: The Live Blog

1:51: pm EST: I'm gonna have to pop out of the meeting to go do a live shot for the local NBC affiliate. If they let me back in, I'll continue to blog. If not, you can continue to follow along on the Google webcast of this event. My take so far: lots of incremental product improvements but a non-event financially so far. That may change when the executive roundtable gets underway. Of course, AFTER market closes around 4:30 pm, EDT. I'll also post my take on the Facebook rumors coming up later today. And don't forget: Microsoft reports earnings tomorrow. Stay tuned.

1:47 pm EST: Keith (I missed his last name) is now showing the newest version of Google's gmail. Showing how fast you can move from one message's content to the next actually garnered hoots and applause. It's very cool. We should never hold user's data hostage, he says.

1:43: pm EST: Oh, as an aside, when Jack was talking earlier, he had a passing reference to "hanging out on Facebook" earlier today. So far, that's the ONLY reference to the social networking site.

1:41 pm EST: Nissan is using the site in connection with its new SUV, the Rogue. Nissan goes to the and runs a search query check against its main competitor the Honda Pilot. The site clearly shows that at product release, queries spiked for the Rogue. Indicating Nissan's advertising and marketing is working.

1:39 pm EST: Albert Cheng is on now, showing Google Trends. Go to The site tracks everythong. He and his wife were trying to decide how to spell their new born baby's name: Connor vs. Conner. Trends showed him Connor was the more unique choice. Good for business too. Hotels and travel groups, consumer companies trying to stock store shelves, can get instant access to market research across an amazingly broad spectrum of data.

1:36 pm EST: Jessica's still going. She's perky and fun, but don't be misled: this Stanford grad knows her stuff, even though she graduated just three years ago. She's showing how each of the different pieces of iGoogle work together, seamlessly, instantly. That's a powerful paradigm.

1:33 pm EST: This is about "search," not customization, she says. Even though you can completely customize iGoogle. The page is completely algorhymically controlled. 200,000 sites; 20,000 gadgets.

1:29 pm EST: From Universal Search in the future: more content, more relevance, and scanned queries. Up next: Jessica Ewing, a 3-year Google veteran. Jessica runs the Google homepage. Talks about iGoogle. Is it a "portal?" She says portal is a dirty word on the web, because it's a kind of walled garden. Not iGoogle which features 200,000 feeds.

1:27 pm EST: Jack is very animated. And excited. Double shot?

1:25 pm EST: Jack uses 'Hillary Clinton' as an example of the power of Universal Search: news clips, video, Wikipedia, speeches, archives, and related searches. All about "ranking and relevance."

1:24 pm EST: Jack Menzel, product manager for Universal Search, likely one of the company's single most important product initiatives. Jack, a Brown graduate (like me) opens with a geeky poem:

One search to index them all
One search to find them
One search to bring them all and in results combine

1:22 pm EST: Rosenberg is vice president of product management. He's talking about the company's secret sauce to success. Ship early and iterate often.

1:20 pm EST: Rosenberg is vice president of product management. He's talking about the company's secret sauce to success. Ship early and iterate often.

1:18 pm EST: Hi all. Here's our live blog from the Google analyst meeting. Jonathan Rosenberg just began speaking, focusing on applications and content. He says 8 hours of new video are uploaded EVERY minute. Rosenberg is talking about the big Google Zeitgeist customer and client meeting last week, talking about the innovation machinery and how important it is. The way the company does business, relies on team members solving big problems for large numbers of people.

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