Becky Quick Sings 'Close to You'


The big Buffett story of the day is his conversation this morning with the Squawk Box team and Squawk co-host Jack Welch (former General Electric chief) about Merrill Lynch's big write-down, the U.S. economy, railroads, and baseball among other things.

You can see the video of the entire appearance here or read the transcript here.

This afternoon, Michelle Caruso-Cabrera summed it all up in a report on Power Lunch. That clip is to the left.

About an hour before the Buffett-Welch chat, Becky Quick reported live on Squawk from China about the trip there and the enthusiastic reception Buffett is getting in that country, including huge sparklers in a tent and an enormous lotus flower. Becky singing a snippet of the Carpenter's "Close to You" is a highlight!

Becky will continue to report on her experiences On the Road with Warren Buffett both on CNBC's Squawk Box (6a-9a ET weekdays) and here on Warren Buffett Watch.

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