• Has Donny lit a fire under you?
  • Does watching The Big Idea make you believe in your American Dream?
  • Have you been told over and over your idea would never work?
  • Are you ready to take a chance on a new future?

If the answer to any of these questions is "Yes," then grab your video camera! Tell us why you've decided to join Donny's American Dream Team.

Selected videos will appear in the final segment of the show!

Follow The Instructions Below to Submit your Video!

Click HERE to see a sample video!


*Keep the camera steady!

*Choose a Quiet location and make sure your TV & Radio is off.

*Make sure the Lighting is adequate... If we can't see you, we can't air your video!

*Do not include anyone but yourself in the video.

*Check the tape before you send! Make sure the shot is framed properly and your words were not cut off!

*Speak loudly and clearly with lots of Enthusiasm... in other words, be creative and make your video stand out!


*DO NOT pitch business ideas or inventions in your video.... Instead say things like: "They told me I couldn't do it, but I never gave up, and now I'm launching my new product that will revolutionize the way people tie their shoes..." or "Donny has inspired me to pursue my dreams of owning my own auto-detailing shop."

*PROTECT YOUR IDEA!Do not include ANY confidential or proprietary information in the video. (Nothing in the videos will be treated as confidential.)

*PRINT A COPY OF THE TERMS OF SUBMISSION, read it, sign it, and include it in the envelope with your Video.

***No Videos will be considered without an accompanying signed copy of the Terms of Submission.***

Click HERE for the Terms of Submission Form. Be sure to include a phone number so we can let you know if your video will be on the show!


The Big Idea - Dream Team
900 Sylvan Avenue
Englewood Cliffs, NJ 07632

Reminder: Use this opportunity to demonstrate how The Big Idea has inspired you, rather than pitching your product or business.

DVD, Mini-DV and VHS formats are preferred! Also, please make sure to take off ALL time and date stamps, or else we can't air your video!

*Please note that videotapes will NOT be returned and currently, we are not accepting video submissions sent via email.