Taco Bell: Okay, Maybe They Do Want To Giveaway Tacos


As many of you know, yesterday was the Taco Bell World Series promotion. I’ve received tons of e-mails from people telling me that I’ve underestimated how many tacos Taco Bell was going to give out. As I’ve said, I admit I underestimated because I didn’t think Taco Bell would promote the giveaway as much as they did. But maybe they really did want to give away tacos.

In Boston, they had base stealer Jacoby Ellsbury at the Taco Bell, and in Joplin, Mo., there were high school kids driving to Taco Bells to do all they could eat.

So we’ll have to see. Meanwhile, a final weigh-in from our readers:

From Mickey Pham:
My friend and I were talking about this promotion, and he feels you severely lowballed on the estimate of how many tacos will probably be given away at 33,750 (tacos). I agree with him that you lowballed it, but he estimates over a million. Of course we bet $20 on it, and I picked under 999,999 tacos. He has a valid point when he says that you probably didn’t take into the account or you underestimated the high school population. If one kid knows, the whole school will know.

Not to mention, maybe you walk into a Taco Bell not knowing about the promotion. Chances are, while you’re there, someone will mention it and the other customers will catch on. I would actually really like to know the final number of tacos given, if Taco Bell provides that information. Thanks.

Mickey, we'll try to get that final number if Taco Bell will tell us.

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