Saved By a Big Idea


Tuesday night on The Big Idea… get inspired to make your millions. Tonight you’ll hear the incredible story of a man who hit rock bottom…was homeless and living in a rat infested warehouse but was literally saved by his big idea. Can a big idea save your life?

Kaile Warren was living the American Dream. He owned and ran his own construction business until a horrible car accident changed everything. Kaile survived the accident but his injuries left him unable to care for the business. Kaile lost his business and his home and was forced to sleep in a windowless warehouse in Maine. Kaile says he remembers rats crawling at his feet but one night he had an idea that would change his life forever. Tonight Kaile reveals to Donny the idea that saved him. It’s already making millions and could bring in $200-$300 million over the next 18 months.

Also tonight, it wouldn’t be Halloween without candy…meet the girl with a sweet tooth worth millions. Dylan Lauren, daughter of fashion icon Ralph Lauren, followed her passions of one day running her own candy shop. Now she’s doing it with Dylan’s Candy Bar.

So put the kids to bed…grab some of that Halloween candy and enjoy the show!