Stop Trading!: Buy Staple Stocks in This Market

With the Dow Jones Industrial Average down over 200 points, investors should focus on staple stocks and exporters, Cramer said on Thursday's Stop Trading!.

These are the themes that continue to work in the face of a tough market and the weak dollar. Cramer recommended Altria , Coca-Cola and Pepsico and businesses with strong exports. "It's the domestic economy that's really hurting," he said.

Companies like MBIA that are using employment numbers to gauge the economy's health are making a mistake, Cramer said, because that metric is "the total false tell. The price of a house has been a better indicator."

Cramer made two quick stock picks to end the segment. "I like Carnival better" than Royal Caribbean, he said. And he thinks NCR will initiate a buyback after the Teradata spin-off is complete.

Jim's charitable trust owns Altria.

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