See What People Are Saying On Nov. 1st

Oil will be at $100.00 by the end of the year. I would bet a barrel on that Being in the River Oaks area of town, I have the inside track.

-- Donald W. from Texas


You guys are usually pretty good, but.....I can't believe you are recommending buying any stocks in this market. The market is going to crash, the fundamentals dictate that it will. Tech smeck, nobody is gonna buy computers when they can't make their house payment. Nobody in China is gonna buy them either when Americans stop buying things made overseas, cause they can't afford it, which will lead to layoffs in China and a crash there as well.

-- Matt. W.


I just wanted to reply to people and their negativity on the market. People claiming the market is going to crash. consumers not going to buy computers because they can't pay for their mortgages. I see that may be wrong. Those who defected on their mortgages most likely now live in an apartment, which would mean apartment cost are cheaper than having home cost, then would mean extra money for the consumer to go buy things like computers, hi-def flat panel TV's. I understand the worries of high oil, but that can not and will not stop me from going to work and other activities that involve travel.

-- Joshu O.


I just wanted to write to tell you that I really enjoy the candid atmosphere that the Fast Money 5 create in the Web Extra. Keep up the great work!

-- Chris S.

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