Okay Readers, Tell Me The Car Model You Think Should Go

2008 Dodge Magnum
Source: dodge.com
2008 Dodge Magnum

Shortly after I blogged yesterdayabout Chrysler cutting four slow-selling models (Pacifica, Crossfire, convertible PT Cruiser, and Dodge Magnum) as part of its effort to stem losses, I heard from people saddened to see these models go.

Earl wrote, "Too bad about the Magnum. I have one and it is a great car. Much better than my old Five Series BMW! I would buy another in a second."

You're not alone Earl. Even my producer Meghan, a lover of station wagons, reacted to the death of the Magnum by saying to me, "NOOOOOOOO! Say it's not true!"

Well Meghan and Earl it is true. The Magnum is toast. And frankly, I'm not surprised. I was never a fan of the Magnum's attempt at reviving the appeal of the wagon (sorry Meghan).

I'm glad to see Chrysler is boldly trying to kick start its line-up. With flexible manufacturing, automakers can and should change model lines quicker.

So now is your chance to tell me what single model would you drop, cancel, kill, terminate, from any automaker. And why do you think it should go? You can only pick one. Don't act like there's not a car you would dump if you were given the keys to an auto company. Write to me and tell me what you'd drop, and I'll tell you my pick.

And go easy on my producer Meghan. The poor girl is mourning the passing of another station wagon.

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