BlackBerry Down: Man, Do I Feel Free!

Blackberry Curve
Blackberry Curve

I escaped three days ago and they've been three of the best days all year. My BlackBerry died. Free at last. Let's see: I slept better, got more done, both professionally and personally. My fingers don't hurt and my brain is free to think.

Actually think! No annoying updates. No annoying messages from the home office. I don't care about the birthday cake in the break room. I don't care about what the Dow might do. In fact, I don't care about what the Dow DID do. I don't care how many people read this or any blog. Not for three glorious days.

The last time I felt this good, my beeper managed to find its way into the urinal at O'Hare airport in Chicago. As far as I know it's still there. Here's a fact. We don't need all this connectivity. We don't need to know right now what someone else is thinking, doing, may do, wants to do, or hasn't done, yet. It's silly.

It goes deeper that just the old "crackberry" jokes. It's just plain silly and it's disruptive. Does the world run better? Are we better people? I'm on my way to the airport so send me an email with your answer. I won't get it.

Speaking of things that don't make any sense, take the first three months of the NBA season. I know it started this week and I also know very few people REALLY care. It's a season of what? 82 games? To eliminate how many teams? 6? 8? Here's a thought. If you're going to play 82 of anything, then at the end of those 82 games, the two teams with the best records just play each other, one game and the winner is the champion. If we do that we won't be playing basketball into early summer. Same goes for the NHL, except even fewer people care about hockey.

Lastly, go get your high school year book. I'll wait.

Back? Okay, see all those faces? Imagine them 40 years later. That's what's in store for ole 'Mike On America' this weekend, seeing my high school year book come to life four decades after it was printed. If it isn't fun at least it will be interesting. I'll give them all my email and ask them to send me a note so I can read it on my BlackBerry.

Let's you and I keep that one between just us. Hey BHHS!!!! Get ready to bust a few moves Saturday night!!!!! Uh oh...I thought I remembered how to do the splits.

Questions? Comments?