Making Billions Ain’t Rocket Science!

Monday night on The Big Idea, you’ll learn that sometimes the simplest ideas are the ones that could make you rich. Tonight, the story behind Subway founder, Fred Deluca. He grew up in a


Bronx housing project and now his net worth is over $1.6 billion. And it all began with one simple idea...

Fred Deluca was always an entrepreneur, even in his early years. Before the age of 10 he was cashing in 2-cent return bottles that he would find around housing projects. When it came time for him to attend college, he didn’t have the money… but he DID have an idea...

Deluca would open a submarine sandwich shop! With some help from a friend, Pete’s Super Submarines opened it’s doors in 1965, selling 312 sandwiches on the first day. The next few years were a roller coaster ride for Deluca and his business partner, but as you’ll hear tonight, Deluca was determined to succeed.

In this rare interview, the billionaire founder reveals the secrets that made Subway a multi-billion dollar company. Also, Jared Fogle (yes, Jared from the Subway ads) joins in to talk about how Subway changed his life forever. Tonight is a show you wouldn't want to miss!