Mad Mail: Green Is Universal, But Is It Profitable?

Dear Jim: My faith in you will be crushed if you don't address this. You recommend Apache at $84...then a few weeks later, it went down to the low 70' then removed it from your “80 – 120” list. Now at $100 you are calling it the "king". I won’t bother to tell you my position and how your call in the mid-70's affected me. --Kevin

Cramer says: “I was in a jam on this.” Cramer didn’t think APA would go through $80 but once it fell he couldn’t act as though it didn’t. “The premise of the piece was wrong,” he said. "I apologize."

Dear Jim: A Big Hoboken, NJ Booyah to ya Jim. My wife and I are newlyweds and we've really enjoyed your show for the last few months. We saw your handsome mug on TV during the Eagles-Cowboys game last night. During the broadcast, NBC turned off the studio lights to get people thinking "Green." Seeing that the environment is going to be larger part of the global dialogue for years to come, how do you suggest we play this sector? --Steve

Cramer says: “All week we’re going to be working on individual ideas about how to play green.” Mad Money will address companies that make power cheaper but are still profitable as well as some that get too much green hype.


Hey Cramer:
Love your show. I saw your phone interview with Diana Shipping CEO Mr. Palios and could see how his lack of enthusiasm tempered you a bit. However, I got the sense that there may have been a language barrier problem with the conversation. It seemed possible that Mr. Palios may have been more concerned with articulating his story with proper English, than with the usual enthusiasm your other phone guests seem to know they should have. After all, anybody in the know acknowledges that this story changes as soon as more ships get built in the next couple of years. Any follow-up on this story? --Nick

Cramer says: “I was completely depressed by Palios … I don’t care what language it was in, he was negative.”

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