Google's Spam Czar Wants YOU! (To Use His Product)

Marg Helgenberger
Marg Helgenberger

Google will someday rule the world. Look, it’s true. I’m just saying this so when it happens you're not surprised. Apparently one of the top priorities of the Google Defense Department (the GD Dept.? The Googagon?) will be fighting SPAM! Email spam is, as we all know, like herpes—

the best you can hope for is to keep it in check until the next eruption.

But no more! Google has dubbed its own "Spam Czar," Brad Taylor, who aims to teach us how to fend off spam. He’s even made a video which is running, naturally, on the Google-owned YouTube. Here’s a direct link.

The business proposition here is to convince you to use Gmail, which has spam filters allegedly more effective than those of other email services. The video attempts to be a bit funny. Now, Brad’s a real guy, a real Google guy, so this isn’t like watching Will Ferrell dealing with a three-year-old foul-mouthed landlord. But it’s still entertaining in its own goofy way. And since the Writers strike means no new material for a while, Brad may soon be a star.

Speaking of the strike…back on the picket lines, the Writers Guild is spamming (I mean, sending) mass emails about all the stars showing up! Like this release:

“CSI: Crime Scene Investigation’s Marg Helgenberger is walking the picket line NOW in support of the Writers Guild of America (WGA) strike at Universal Studios lot.”

Nice of her to picket in front of Universal even though her show is produced by CBS Studios and Paramount.

From Mr. Off-the-Wall Street, who says that Citigroup's corporate title is now “The Company Formerly Run By Prince.”

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