The Perfected Storm: The Ann Coulter Song

We thought we were done with the Ann Coulter "Perfected Jew" story. Better said, we planned on being done with it. After her controversial remarks aired on the Big Idea, we received the expected responses from viewers, from other journalists, and from friends. We chose not to further the discussion, echoing what Donny said on the Today Show, that he felt like

coulter copy.jpg

comments such as those were "over."

Then a different kind of email started filling our inbox. Just when we finally thought all the controversy was behind us, we began receiving emails describing how there was something new buzzing around the internet, with Donny's voice on it...

It's "Perfected: The Ann Coulter Song," by Leah Kauffman (or her YouTube alias, BarelyPolitical), which has been viewed over 350,000 times since its YouTube premiere. With clips from The Big Idea, as well as other news programs, the video uses sound bytes from Coulter's public appearances which are tied together by a sarcastically satirical acoustic tune... suggesting that Ms. Kaufman longed to be "Perfected... like Ann Coulter."

The video speaks for itself, and you can view it here to draw your own conclusions. Pay close attention to the opening... you may hear a familiar voice...