Stop Trading!: No Longer the CAT's Meow

Caterpillar has not delivered on its promises, Cramer said during Tuesday's Stop Trading!, and he doesn't like the excuses the company is making.

Caterpillar has "executed very poorly," while competitors Emerson and Parker Hannifin "executed perfectly," Cramer said. Caterpillar might have been a economy-dependent company before, which would account for the poor performance, but Cramer doesn't think that's the case now. (Check out Steve Liesman's talk with Owen.)

As for Under Armour CEO Kevin Plank selling 1.5 million of his shares, Cramer was disgusted. "That was a wholesale dump. And to me it says, 'I don't have confidence,'" Cramer said. He agrees with Morgan Stanley's downgrade of UA to "underweight."

Exxon Mobile is a stock that "people can't stay away from," according to Cramer, who said the company's buyback is working.

And so is deepwater drilling. Cramer thinks both FMC Technologies and Core Labs are great stocks to own. "These are the ones to buy," Cramer said, "every time the commodity moves up."

Jim's charitable trust owns Caterpillar.

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