Ron Paul Dominates News On Off Year Election Day?

Ron Paul
Ron Paul

As a confirmed political reporting junkie, I ought to be prepared to describe for you the grave significance of tonight's odd-year election results. But alas my respect for the truth forbids it. This is an Election Day that doesn't mean much.

Yes, Democrats will almost certainly pick up another red state governorship in Kentucky. But incumbent Republican Ernie Fletcher's scandal problems are so severe that it's hard to read much into the expected triumph of Democrat Steve Beshear. If Haley Barbour's Democratic challenger were to score an upset for the Mississippi governorship, that would be big news. But look for Barbour to win handily, in part on the strength of his sure footed response to Hurricane Katrina.

Legislative elections are usually interesting only when a chamber or two tips from one party to the other. I have a personal interest in the outcome in Virginia; if Democrats somehow were to pick up enough seats to control the General Assembly, my Duke fraternity brother Ward Armstrong would be on the path to becoming Speaker. But unfortunately for Ward, that appears unlikely.

Bottom line: all signs point to an election night yawner. Nothing nearly so interesting as the amazing 4.2 million dollars Ron Paul's Republican presidential campaign managed to raise in 24 hours. See attached story.

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