Ford's Bullitt Is Back But You Want Other Models Gone

2008 Ford Bullitt Mustang
2008 Ford Bullitt Mustang

I'm not a car geek, but I have to admit, there are certain models that immediately make me smile. Ford's Bullitt Mustang is one-mainly because I still say the chase scenes in Steve McQueen's movie "Bullitt" are among the best I've ever seen ("The French Connection" is another favorite).

So when I test drove the new '08 Bullitt Mustang Ford, my pumpkin grin was in full bloom. The car is impressive, and being a limited edition, it should sell out quickly. Check out my review if you want to see more on the newest Mustang.

As promised, here are some of the models you told me you would like to see sent to the junk yard.

Mark suggested: "...Ford needs to drop the FiveHundred/Taurus. It doesn't really seem like a car they need. "

Don succinctly recommended, "Axe the Escalade."

Pete blasted a number of Chrysler corp models saying, among other things, "Kill the Compass. Really, it’s just a Caliber with a 7 slot grill. Compass just doesn’t fit the Jeep image either. "

Nathan added: "I think I'll have to agree with Chrysler management that the Pacifica deserves the axe. What a ridiculous looking vehicle, and the mileage is just embarrassing."

Finally Bernie took a different approach that made me chuckle in suggesting, "I would drop whatever you are driving. But I bet you don't own a car. "

Come on Bernie, do I really look like an auto-hating a tree-hugger?

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