The Stuff of Dreams

Are you following your dreams and doing what you love? Wednesday night on The Big Idea, learn that it’s never too late to go for it. Tonight, get inspired to start your business no matter where you are in life. No idea is too big... No idea is too wild.



orest Caféfounder Steve Schussler was forced to grow up fast. His parents were divorced when he was 7 years old, he was working a paper route by age 8 and by 12 he was hitchhiking to Shea Stadium to sell hot chocolate at the Jets games.

Later in life, the little kid inside Steve inspired him to create Rainforest Café, which began with him constructing an artificial rainforest in his home to sell the concept. Steve sacrificed everything for his vision... and it worked. Schussler sold the Rainforest Café concept over seven years ago to Landry’s Restaurants Inc., who now owns 100% of the concept. Today, Rainforest Café is the only restaurant concept at all three U.S. Disney locations, as well as Disneyland Paris and Japan. Last year, Landry’s opened the 34th Rainforest Café in San Antonio.

Tonight, you’ll get an inside look at the fantasy world that Steve created and get inspired to take your dreams and turn them into something very real!