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During today's Fast Money, you characterized Dell's acquisition of EqualLogic as positioning Dell to compete in the same market addressed by VMWare. You even went as far as to compare the number of customers EqualLogic has versus the number of customers that VMWare has and suggested that VMWare will continue to beat them at this game. I think you need to review this comparison.

VMWare is the market leader in server virtualization competing with Citrix/XenSource and the upcoming Viridian product from Microsoft. EqualLogic provides an iSCSI (IP) compatible storage array that supports - amongst other functions - virtualized storage. They compete against EMC, Network Appliance, HP, IBM, LeftHand Networks, LSI. The storage system product that EqualLogic sells is really very, very different from the server virtualization software that VMWare sells.

-- Mark


You are wrong about ethanol being a boondoggle. It is simply a new industry with too low of a barrier of entry. The result is a short term oversupply that will correct itself. Have you used e85? I have, and I'm telling you, it's a great alternative. The increased power I get from it is impressive.

Also, it's availability is improving greatly in the Midwest. Right now, the
e85 pumps in my community are constantly busy. That shows a strong demand and an undersupply. That will correct itself and will in turn help correct the short term oversupply problem of ethanol.

-- John B. from Missouri

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