Green Build Convention: A Real Case of "Shock And Awe"


I'm at the U.S. Green Building Council's Green Build Convention in Chicago today, blogging by B'berry. We'll be doing a full day of live reporting from here tomorrow, but I had to check in because I'm not often shocked, but I am today. And so were the folks running the convention.

An unbelievable response, is all I can say. This place is so packed with people from all over the world that the registration line was literally two hours long. A big draw of course was President Clinton, who spoke this morning about his global climate initiative, but he's long gone and the crowds are still here.

These are folks, groups, companies, that want to go green in all that they build, not to mention at their own home bases. I just did an interview with the CEO of United Technologies, which will air tomorrow. George David claims the investment up front in green technology begins to pay back in as little as three years.

He had a lot more interesting factoids, one of which is that shareholders are demanding green initiatives, which is a change given that the stuff is expensive. Anyway, tune in, you might be surprised at what I have to report, that is if I can get through this wall of people to find my camera.

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