Charlie Weis, Curlin, Adrian Peterson: Your Emails

That e-mail box is filling up again, so it's time to check in with you guys.

Plenty of reaction (not unexpected) about my Charlie Weis-Notre Dame buyout post:

From Bill Maddox:
The idea that ND doesn't have the money to buy out Charlie's contract is just silly, I would say something stronger, but hey I am a NAVY fan and like what he has done to the ND program. Just in the previous two years, the income that ND received from the BCS bowls would pay for the ENTIRE contract amount and of course these contracts are always negotiated at the firing so the number will be much less when they do pull the plug.

From Mackay Rippey:
Keep in mind folks, Notre Dame is guaranteed 1/66th of the net revenues, after expenses, of the BCS payout this year. So, they'll make about $1.3 million for doing nothing this year.

Weis' contract was to squelch the leaving for the pros talk that the media was generating. He had to have a trump card to show recruits that he was staying put. That part of the game plan worked. We'll see if he can coach by next year's results. There are enough extenuating circumstances to give him one more year.

Many readers sent in clarifications on the Curlin fen-phen lawsuit story:

Dan Summers writes:
The court ruling states that the plaintiffs are only entitled to collect on money that has not been collected yet, which is probably only the check from last weeks Breeder's Cup Classic. The court ruling also stated that they would not get any ownership in the colt, rather just get the race earnings of the two lawyers percentage, which would mean no expenses. Due to this intense legal battle, Curlin will probably have to be sold in public auction to dissolve the various ownership groups.

Finally, reader Meni Troupakis checked in after reading my story on the marketing of Adrian Peterson:

I run put the site up before his first game at Oklahoma. The site is up 800 percent since Sunday.

Questions? Comments?