See What People Are Saying On Nov. 8th

Fast money group: The real story today is CHINA! They have rapidly fallen into a big correction. Almost all stocks are down 12-18%. Petrochina is down almost 20% from its high. FXI is down 13% and that is composed of the 25 biggest capitalized stocks in China. This is the market that you should talk about more ... not the up-and-down ho-hum U.S. market.

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-- Mel M.


Why do you guys keep calling for the Fed to cut interest rates and the Government to bail out the sub-prime lenders? Quit hammering the little guys, you know, the ones who save their money and count on "INTEREST" to fund their retirement. Quit begging for a bailout of those "RICH" moneylenders. Finally, I don't feel sorry for any individual who borrows money to buy a home they can't afford, forcing all of the rest of us to pay more for homes and loans.

-- Bob M. from Oregon


Kudos to Dylan and his gang. This is the best show on my favorite channel. You are all high energy, smart and very informative. Thanks for being adult and refraining from the sophomoric antics of some other shows. The multiple viewpoints really add a lot to the show. I schedule my day so as not to miss the show, if possible. Keep up the great job.

-- Harvey W.

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