Mad Mail: Has the Shippers' Tide Come In?

Dear Jim: On days such as yesterday, it is good to remember the value you deliver to all of us is a ton more about your sterling integrity and huge heart. It would be nice to always win, but we know that isn’t how it works. How you play the game is at least as important as the score. You are terrific! Thank you for what you do and thanks as much for the way you do it. --DHS

Cramer says: “Thank you. I’m actually busy writing a rebuttal to still one more attack on me by the media. And I read something like this and it makes me feel good. These are the kinds of things that make me deal with the fact that I’m hectored pretty much every day by traditional media. So I really, really appreciate when someone gets what this show is about, which is trying to help people be a better investor.”


Hometown Summit, N.J., Booyah, Cramer!: The shippers were rockin', now they seem to have pulled back. I know you said they were volatile, but what should I do in the next week or so? A bunch of them are reporting earnings this week and next: DryShips, Frontline, Excel Maritime Carriers and TBS International. Should I be a buyer or buy half a position now and more after? I feel that if they don't report good numbers they could get smashed. --Jared

Cramer says: “The Baltic dry shipping index has been up for a couple of days. My take would be to buy half. But they are volatile, and they are hard. But they are not all the way down like so many other stocks I look at.”


Dear Jim: Forget your buddy, friend, pal Spitzer's quests. Your straightforward questioning of Dr. Quay last night on Nastech showed you are the true man of the people, trying protect our backs and your reputation. No matter what, we're honored and proud to have you in our corner. --Al

Cramer says: “I fired off an e-mail to Dr. Quay telling him that I was appalled about what happened, and that I try to stand up for the little guy, and I hurt the little guy. I didn’t attack him, I attacked myself. So I appreciate that you said I stood up, but I got about two hours sleep last night because of Nastech. I’m angry about it.”

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